Sunday, February 13, 2011

K3 @ Rose Live 2/8/11

I got there at 9:30 and they were already on.  I probably didn't miss too much as that 1st set ended at about 10:20.  Wayne joked toward the end that they were almost done with the soundcheck.  He also contemplated playing straight through, which would have kept me there longer, but they needed a break.  That was understandable since they were on fire the entire set.  I mean, ON FIRE.  It's been too long since I've seen any of them.  This music is too good.  I was dancing like I haven't in ages.  Or, maybe since Sat Night.

This music is really great.  It grooves, it's technically fantastic, and it's very rich yet jammy.

I still love the venue, but I'm disappointed they added another bankette on the left side with some tables.  It used to be easier to get in the room through that aisle-type walkway on the left.  I was just outside the room and I couldn't see very well, but it sounded fantastic.

I would have loved to stay for the 2nd set, but I needed to pace myself for the week.  I hope they play there again.

So I wrote the above the day after the show and I found out that night when I went back for Erik Deutsch that Rose is closing.   Boo hoo.  It was a great place for this band.

Wayne Krantz (Guitar);
Tim Lefebvre (Bass);
Keith Carlock (Drums)

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