Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Charlie Hunter @ Rose Live 2/10/11

I already intended this 3 night Rose run before I even knew it was closing. I found out the night before when I saw Erik Deutsch. Charlie's Residency is 4 solo gigs and I love it. I heard there were a lot more people there than the week before, so I don't know if that means there will be even more the next and final week. It's worth going if you haven't been or if you haven't seen a Charlie solo gig yet, or even if you have.

I got there at about 9:15 and I heard them discussing starting the set soon. I had just enough time to get the front row center seat at the best table and get myself a drink at the bar. I loved how they had the doors separating the bar and the space closed - it cut down the bar crowd noise. There was still noise coming from the kitchen, which is somewhere behind the stage. That wasn't bad for most of the set and even when it was a little loud, the music was so great it didn't matter.

Charlie was in an R&B mood, which by coincidence was also my mood. The set was killer and a lot of fun. I got the impression he's trying not to repeat any songs during the residency because he did an awesome song that he said he did the prior week and he's not supposed to play it. From my perspective, I could listen to that set every week and enjoy it each and every time.

He had been listening to Bessie Smith that day so we got some awesome Blues toward the beginning of the set. He also got the requisite jazz tune out of the way about the 5th song in. He wanted to make sure he had the critics satisfied.

At one point, someone asked if he took requests and he polled us to see if anything good would be suggested. It took a bit, but we ended up with a great suggestion for Curtis Mayfield's "Move on Up". That led to an awesome Mayfield medley.

It was a perfect 1 hour set and well worth coming out in the cold. I opted out of the next band, which sounded good.

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