Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chris Potter @ Village Vanguard 2/11/11

I was revved up after 3 hours of music and wanted something more. It was easy to get a good seat for the 2nd set in spite of the glowing review they just got in the NY Times. I did get there early, which probably helped. It was listed as a trio, but they unexpectedly added a piano for the entire run, and a good move that was indeed. This is a phenomenal group!

I waited a little long to write this, so it's fading. I know Chris had the soprano and tenor and I'm not sure what else. I remember loving all of them, and really digging how much the piano added. I also recall my delight at the Middle Eastern sounding tune.

It was awesome and I was all revved up for my next show.

David Virelles-p,
Larry Grenadier-b,
Eric Harland-d

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