Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weasel Walter @ Hafenklang, Hamburg Ger 4/19/10

There were about 50 people there, standing, listening intently, and completely into it. Only about 5-10 were women. We fit comfortably into the room with the stage. There was the same amount of room adjacent and still part of the space (only a partial wall in between) by the bar, but no one had to listen from there. It's a dark room somewhat like The Delancy, which I think was the last place I saw Weasel Walter. I had to leave a 1 Euro deposit for my wine glass. It was a good glass of Italian wine for 3 Euro.

The show was awesome. It was very loud and intense for the most part. There were a couple of quiet pieces mixed in. I was really into it and dancing a lot. I love seeing people in Europe because I may never get a chance to see Shiek Anorak or Mario Rechtern again. They were amazing. Mario had the most interesting sax/string combination. When he was playing the string portion, he usually played it with 2 bows. He also played the soprano and baritone and a few other reeds. He had an interesting mic and a way to make some very cool sounds.

It was really awesome, especially for a Mon night when I'm stranded in a foreign country. I'm just praying to make it back in time for jazzfest ...

Note: I did make it back! I'll be in NOLA tomorrow!

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