Wednesday, April 7, 2010

HNK Trio @ The Stone 4/7/10

It was 1 hour of continuous, improvised music. It was great and very interesting. I had to sit in the "other front row", so I couldn't see the percussion very well because the piano was in the way. I could see Quan Ninh's upper half, so I could sometimes get an idea of what he was doing. Wayne was interesting to watch, I did want to see more of the whole thing. It was interesting that somewhere in the middle I realized each of the artists was in their own zone and just feeling what they should be playing. While they were each part of a magnificent whole, they appeared to have no attention on any other part, and possibly not even themselves. They were each in "the zone".

The percussion was very interesting. He did a lot of scraping things on a large bass drum he had face up on a stand. He scraped various metal things like cymbals.
Here's a picture of him and a similar setup. He also used bows, including both the traditional bow people play strings with and the bow part of the berimbau. One of my favorite parts was when he was playing the hell out of the drum using pine cones as mallets. It sounded great and was very powerful.

It was a great set!

10 pm
HNK Trio
Wayne Horvitz (keyboards) Quan Ninh (percussion) Briggan Krauss (sax)

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