Monday, April 5, 2010

Improv Night Part 1 @ The Stone 4/3/10

Marty Erlich starts us out with a great clarinet solo piece.

Next we get an incredible Nate Wooley trumpet solo. He finished up with this amazimg and loud cool wind sounds. I've only heard him do quiet wind sounds in the past.

Then we get a duo piece with John Zorn on alto and Dougie Bowne, the drummer. It was excellent! I asked Bruce from DMG who he was. He told me he was out of commission for a while and who he used to play with. I just found this on the internet, which tells who's he's played with and a little about the condition he had. You wouldn't have known it the other night!

This was followed with another duo piece with Ikue Morie on laptop and Ned Rothenberg on alto.

Now we move on to a trio, Marty Erlich on alto, Nate Wooley on trumpet and Dougie Bowne on drums and cymbals. Marty set us up nicely by requesting lots of cymbals from the getgo.

They were about to go back downstairs when Zorn declared it was time for the horns. The 3 altos and Nate gave us an incredible piece.

It only made sense after that to have a percussion piece with just Ikue and Dougie. That was awesome.

We finished up with 2 stellar pieces with all 6 artists. Zorn caught me during the 2nd piece and blew me away.

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