Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adam Rudolph @ City Winery 4/10/10

This was the fabulous Moving Pictures Octet that I never get sick of. I really love percussion!

I love the venue. The only downside is the sound is so great that any talking carries and distracts.

I got there a couple of minutes before it started, at 10:30. I chose a spot in the back where I could dance standing in front of a column and therefor not blocking anyone's view.

It was great! Very heavy on the percussion with some great bass, guitar, and reeds contributing. I loved it!

Adam Rudolph (hand drums, thumb pianos, vocal, percussion) is joined by Joseph Bowie (trombone, vocal, harmonica, congas), Graham Haynes (cornet, flugelhorn), Ralph Jones (bass clarinet, flutes, saxophones), Jerome Harris (guitar, vocal), Brahim Fribgane (oud, cajon, bendir), Kenny Wessel (guitar, banjo) and Matt Kilmer (frame drum, djembe)

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