Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sweeter Than the Day @ The Stone 4/9/10

This was great! It swung! It was definitely new and fresh yet had enough elements of all the stuff I love to make a really great set of music. Sometimes it was more jazzy, sometimes more bluesy. There was a really beautiful piece in the middle. A little of it was somewhat psychedelic, mainly for the guitar while the others were more bluesy.

I loved seeing Sara in this setting. She was a special guest and played quite a bit. It was more like she was playing parts that any horn could do. It was so cool to have it be a bassoon.

Each of the musicians were fantastic and caught me at various times. I loved every minute.

Sweeter Than the Day
Tim Young (guitar) Wayne Horvitz (piano) Tim Luntzel (bass) Dan Rieser (drums) Special Guest Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon)

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