Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reggie Nicholson @ Roulette 4/11/10

I just had to go - I've been curious about Reggie for a while. It pays to advertise ... I got intrigued by noticing his ads in All About Jazz for his Timbre Suite cd. I'm so glad I made it! In addition to being great, he said this was there 4th gig in 3 years. I will get another opportunity at Vision Fest, so hopefully things are changing.

It was awesome. Lots of percussion. Various piece's from his previous cds as well as some new material. A friend of his, Ernest Dawkins, was in from Chicago and sat in on sax. He was amazing. It was awesome and totally worth missing the 1st 5 min of Treme.

Reggie Nicholson Percussion Concept

Bryan Carrott-Marimba, Percussion
Don Eaton-Percussion
Salim Washington-Woodwinds, Percussion
Reggie Nicholson-Drums, Percussion

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