Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Omaha Diner @ The Cutting Room 3/1/13

I can't remember if this is the same space as the old Cutting Room.  There are some familiarities, but it's also different.  The old place had the performance space in a separate room.  There were many tables and chairs, but I could usually find some kind of standing space.  Now, it's still like that room with the tables, but there are no walls between that and the rest of the space.  That means there's plenty of room to stand, but standers are actually in a different room from the sitters, who are closer to the stage.  The standing and bar area is big and it's a recipe for talkers.  I had a good spot just outside the main room, standing in the center.  I could ignore the talkers for the most part, but it is a shame.  The drink prices are hefty.  All in all, it's not a place I'm thrilled to go to, but I will if I have to.  I'll go to the must see shows like this one.

I could see any of the 4 of them play any music whatsoever.  This project is about playing songs that were #1 on the charts.  Songs that made it to #1 that these great musicians selected to play.  Now, it was obvious they were also making a statement "really?  THIS song, really?"  However, I must admit, I always liked "Miss You" that they opened with.  Now, it doesn't matter what they play, they do it phenomenally.  It was stellar. 

Here's a setlist that was posted on the Cutting Room site
Jake Watson · Tufts
Set list, as near as I could tell:
Stones, Miss You ->
Adele, Rolling In The Deep
Love Train, O'Jays
16 Tons, Tennessee Ernie Ford
Van Halen, Jump
One Bad Apple, The Osmonds
(Modern love?)
Moves Like Jagger, Maroon 5
I Can't Go For That
Beyonce, Single Ladies

Steven Bernstein - trumpets
Charlie Hunter - seven-string electric guitar
Bobby Previte - drums
Skerik - tenor saxophone
Sitting in a diner in Omaha, Nebraska in 1954, Todd Storz noticed that a teen-age
waitress selected the same song on the jukebox over and over. At that moment, Top 40
radio was born, joining the TV dinner, the Reuben sandwich, the bobby pin, the ski lift,
and (some claim) fuzzy dice on the list of famous and infamous inventions from the city
that sits atop the Strategic Air Command.
Now comes the latest invention, OMAHA DINER - four storied musicians attempting to
re-define a format that forever perverted the way we experience music. You may love
Top 40 (doubtful), you may hate it (probable), you may not care about it at all (liar), but
you cannot escape it.
Top 40 as you've never heard it before - OMAHA DINER.
*** OMAHA DINER's Ironclad Guarantee: all songs have touched, however briefly, #1
on the Top 40 pop chart.

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