Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bill Evans' Soulgrass @ Blue Note 3/2/13

I kept wondering when I was going and I almost let it slip away without making it.  I'm glad I went - it was awesome.  So much energy and such great musicians.  I was so impressed.  While I don't need singing I didn't mind it.  Josh is a great drummer, too.  I haven't seen Mitch Stein in a while.  They were all so phenomenal and play so well together.  Bill mentioned how awesome it is to play with Medeski, how he's always playing it different every time.

It turns out it was the same lineup for the last night, no ABB personnel.  It sounds like it was just as good a show as I got, though.

Bill Evans, sax
John Medeski, organ and keyboards
Ryan Cavanaugh, banjo
Mitch Stein, guitar
Etienne Mbappe, bass
Josh Dion, drums/vocals

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