Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mike Dillon Band @ Brooklyn Bowl 2/24/13

This band is awesome!  So much energy and superb music.  It was probably my favorite show of the month.  I got a CD.  I like it!  I could do without the singing on the CD but I'm fine with it live.  Also, Carly definitely brings the live intensity up with her dancing.  And, the band is already pretty intense without her - she just brings it up several notches.  Still, the CD is well worth the $10 and had some intense energy itself.  I love Mark Sutherland and he's awesome on the CD.

Dave Dreiwitz was an additional special guest bass player.  They also had the trombone from Fishbone sit in.  It was awesome.

Mike Dillon (Vibraphone, Percussion, Lead Vocals)
Carly Meyers (Trombone, Moog Taurus Pedals)
Adam Gertner (Drums)
Cliff Hines (Guitar, Bass and Keys)

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