Sunday, March 24, 2013

Afro-Cuban All Stars @ Blue Note 3/15/13

This was a lot of fun.  I love some good Afro Cuban.  I would say it was about 15 pieces including the singers.  I really liked the piano and horns.  It was also thrilling when towards the end they asked us to get up and dance.  You don't have to ask me twice!  The only part I wasn't crazy about was the singers coming out into the audience. They did that a lot and it was annoying because they would shine a bright spotlight on us when they did that.  Still, it was a fun enjoyable show.

Juan de Marcos González, bandleader
Gliceria Abreu, afro-cuban perc.
Julito Padrón, tp. & fl.
Yaure Muñiz, tp. & fl.
Yoanny Pino, tp. & fl.
Lázaro Oviedo, tp. & fl.
José Antonio “Tony” Moreaux, bongo & cowbell
Antonio "Pacha" Portuondo, timbales
Rolando "Niño Mentira" Salgado, congas
Gabriel Hernández, pno.
Alberto Pantaleón, bs.
Evelio Galán, lead singer
Emilio Suarez, lead singer
José Gilito Piñera, lead singer
Laura Lydia González, clar.

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