Monday, October 15, 2012

Jazz @ Waldo Bar, Berlin 9/25/12

I wasn't quite ready to back to the hotel yet, so I just started walking in hopes of running into music.  It didn't take too long to see the sign out front saying there's live jazz tonight.  The bar was back in a courtyard area off from the street which may be why they didn't have a curfew.  I liked what I heard as I walked back.  The musicians and patrons were young 20-somethings.  It was a trio with a 4th rotating pianist.  I saw 3 pianists in the time I was there, about 40 minutes or so.  They came up with the standards they were playing on the spot.  It was very enjoyable and they were good.  I especially liked the sax, but they were all good.

It was a good first day.

Der Zock - jeden Dienstag ab 21.00 Uhr Konzert und Session,
hosted by 
Christian Ugurel (sax) and....
Tim Kleinsorge (b)
Moritz Baumgärtner (dr)

There's some videos on the site from back in May:

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