Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flamenco & Jazz @ b-flat, Berlin 9/27/12

It's basically a power trio from Spain.  I love a band that starts off the set with powerful drums.  The piano and electric bass joined in pretty quickly, but it set us up nicely.  There were a few songs that first set that started with a long wonderful piano solo.  One of them had the piano sometimes played with keys and sometimes as the hyperpiano.  There was also a cool part with piano and drums duo before the electric bass joined in, throwing down.

Then they took a bow and it was setbreak.  They played James Brown at setbreak, and not the same old same old James Brown, either.

The 2nd set was even better.  It was much more intense and we got a couple of kickass drum solos.  The bass solo was more like a rock bass solo and very cool.  They didn't leave the stage and then did an encore.

Diego played the piano strings with drumsticks and mallots toward the end and it was killer.  They left us very wound up.

Then they were done, but we weren't.  The crowd started a very cool rhythmic clapping that I never heard a crowd do before.  It was somewhat complex.  They couldn't help but come back up for that. Diego started playing the kit standing behind Israel.  He was stoked by the rhythmic clapping and wanted the crowd to keep it up.  Israel then decided to relinquish the kit and take the piano.  He's also a great piano player.  It was a fun way to end it.
Diego Amador (piano, vocals),
Jesús Garrido Toro (bass),
Israel Varela (drums)

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