Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cheb Aissa Et Les Gypsies @ New Morning, Paris 9/29/12

I was told this is the best jazz club in town.  It was reinforced seeing some of the listings. Randy Weston is coming in a week or 2, Fred Wesley played there the previous night, etc.

I love how they have a dance floor.  It's right up front and a couple of steps down from the seats.  There are only a few tables and lots of chairs facing the stage.  You are allowed to dance wherever you want.  And there were plenty of dancers as well as sitters all commingling and enjoying themselves.  It's not really that nice a space, compared to our nice NYC jazz clubs.  The music was good, but not at the level I've grown accustomed to.  It was still fun and enjoyable.  There were 3 guitars, a bass, drums and doubek and keyboard.  I liked it, but would have liked it more if there was a horn or violin or something instead of the keyboard making those sounds.  I really liked the crowd and how into it they were.

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