Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Denis Colin, France

I was thrilled when I saw the 1st of my 2 night weekend say in Paris coincided with Denis Colin Et Les Aprenteurs.  The only problem was they were playing outside of Paris, a RER (regional train) ride away.  Paris is confusing enough navigating the streets and metro.  I was also told at the hotel those RER trains can get sketchy late at night.  Still, Denis Colin Trio sparked my entire quest to see the world through music.  I saw them years ago at The Knitting Factory Jazzfest (not sure if it was Winter or Summer).  It was awesome.  I remember Denis walked back and forth across the stage playing the bass clarinet and an African woman was sitting in a chair singing and chanting.  I can't remember the other instrument.  It was very spiritual and very good music.  Then and there I knew I had to get out in the world and see what else I was missing.

In spite of a huge effort to get to this show, taking wrong trains and wrong stops, getting lost in the suburb, and 3 hours later making it back to Paris without making the show, I was happy for the adventure and the chance to remember that great experience years ago in NYC.

DENIS COLIN & LA SOCIÉTÉ DES ARPENTEURS ‘subject to live’ (Chant du Monde / Harmonia Mundi)
France - USA
Denis Colin (clarinette-basse & compositions)
Benjamin Moussay (fender rhodes & electronics)
Julien Omé (guitare)
Philippe Sellam (sax alto & soprano)
Antoine Berjeaut (trompette & bugle)
Sylvaine Hélary (flûtes)
Fabrice Theuillon (sax baryton & soprano)
Stéphane Kerecki (contrebasse)
Thomas Gimonprez (batterie)
Eric Echampard (batterie)

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