Monday, June 11, 2012

Undead Jazzfest Night 4 Improvised Round Robins @ 92YTribeca 5/12/12

Adam says he's done a Round Robin show every year for this fest.  This was my first time making it and it was really awesome.  They select the musician order randomly either the day before or day of.    #1, in this case the drummer Amir Ziv, comes out solo and after 5 min is joined by #2, john Ellis on tenor sax.  After 5 min, Amir leaves and Matthew Motel comes out to join John on keys for 5 min.  Matthew was the only one I had never seen before.  After John left he was joined by Brandon Seabrook on banjo and guitar.  Brandon was so interesting.  He was playing the banjo with the bow a lot.  He also got to play with Bob Stewart on tuba for 5.  That was great.  Bob then played with Jeff Lederer on tenor sax.

Jeff also got to play with the phenomenal Marika Hughes on cello.  Then it was fun to see Marika play with Linda Oh on bass.  Way cool to have just a cello and bass up there.  Even cooler to have it be those two.  Then, it gets even more interesting that the randomness now has 2 basses with Linda being joined by Mark Helias.  Mark then got to play with Bill McHenry on tenor sax.

Next it was Bill with John Hollenbeck.  After that, fate allowed us to get Mike Pride playing with John.  I had a piece of paper with the lineup, so I had already been wondering how that was gonna go with only one kit on the stage.  There was another cymbal hanging out.  How it went was John had been using the glockenspiel on top of the snare when he played with Bill.  When Mike Pride came out at first they were both playing the kit as John transitioned the glockenspeil to the floor.  He actually had a lot of things to play on the floor and he had that standing cymbal in the back.  I enjoyed the duo drummer piece a lot.

Mike then played with Loren Stillman on alto sax.  Loren was then joined by Cooper-Moore who brought out his diddley bo and banjo.  He played the diddley bo with Loren and the banjo with miles Okazaki on guitar.  That was awesome.

Fabian Almazan came out to join Miles on piano.  Then he was joined by Graham Haynes on trumpet.  Graham got to finish it up with a solo, so he brought out a mic with some pedals.

It was an incredibly great festival.  I missed Night 3, the DIY night.  But, all 4 nights using the festival pass was only $55.  That's just ridiculous.

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