Friday, October 7, 2011

Zongo Junction @ LPR 10/5/11

I got there for the last couple songs of the 1st band, Super Human Happiness.  I can't really comment on them yet, just that it's a large ensemble and they play Happy music.

Zongo Junction is a great Afrobeat band from Brooklyn. I was psyched to see Adam Schatz is in it as I finally got to see him.  He's great, really great.  He blew me away at various times.  I'm going to have to make more of an effort to see his other projects.

I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the music.  It was awesome.  I especially loved the intense drum solo toward the end.

The band has Adam on tenor, an alto, and of course a baritone.  No afrobeat is complete without a baritone sax!  The rest of the horn section consists of a trumpet and trombone.  Then there's a keyboard, 2 guitars and a bass.  There's a drumkit, a conga player, and a standing percussionist.

I bought the CD for $10 and it is awesome.  I love it.

They had a female vocalist come up for 1 or 2 and a male vocalist come up for 1 or 2.  I enjoyed them and it seemed to be at the appropriate time.

I loved how they stretched it a bit in some of the songs.  It wasn't typical afrobeat and had a new element in many instances.

I wanted to stay for Toubab Krewe, but I had to pace the week.
Charlie Ferguson, Drums
Jordan Hyde, Guitar
Pavel Kogan-Liakhov, Guitar
Aaron Shafer-Haiss, Congas
Noah Garabedian, Bass
Eli Sundelson, Keys
Adam Schatz, Tenor Sax
Jonah Parzen-Johnson, Baritone Sax
Joe Hartnett. Alto Sax
Kevin Moehringer, Trombone
Aaron Rockers, Trumpet

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