Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Hot Sardines @ City Winery 9/20/11

I didn't check the listing and I had no idea there was an opening band.  I hustled to get down there in case TBP came on right at 8.

They were good.  At first, it was a great piano, bass, and trumpet 1930s jazz trio.  Then they brought out the female singer for the rest.  She was great, I was just enjoying the instruments and didn't need a vocalist.  There were plenty of moments when she wasn't singing, and she was great when she was. The musicians are very talented.  The trumpet is very powerful, the piano moving, the bass was great.  It was fun.
The Hot Sardines sound – wartime Paris via New Orleans, or the other way around – is steeped in hot jazz, salty stride piano, and the kind of music Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt and Fats Waller used to make: Straight-up, foot-stomping jazz. (Literally – the band includes a tap dancer whose feet count as two members of the rhythm section). They manage to invoke the sounds of a near-century ago and stay resolutely in step with the current age.

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