Friday, October 7, 2011

Bellydance @ Drom 10/1/11

It wasn't quite the level of previous performances.  There was less acting out a theme.  The dancers were very talented and interesting anyway.  I could do without the magic acts and the vocal ensembles.  Still, it was an enjoyable 1.5 hours overall.

The listing:
The "Bad Girls" of Venus Uprising are back!

Since 2007 the Venus Uprising bellydance salon has taken pride in showcasing the finest contemporary bellydance artists that New York City has to offer. Whether classical or tribal, folkloric or experimental, all styles of bellydance can turn up in one of our twice-yearly concerts. Guest artists are encouraged to unleash their creativity and design dance pieces that go beyond the typical commercial restraints. Individual diversity and dazzling costumes further enhance the appeal of our presentations, especially for those audience members new to bellydance.

Venus Uprising is pleased to present our next festive cabaret of contemporary bellydance and beyond (yes - a few surprises are in store!) on Saturday, October 1st. In addition to our entertainers, makeup artist Jade Elhaddad will be available all evening to provide our guests with her custom "Ruby Lips" and promoter Andy Troy is back as our gracious host. Performing artists include: Altagracia, Autumn Ward, Ayshe, Elisheva, Irina Aukelenko, Jaklina, Kelli Ann, Kenya, Neon with Angelys and Jenna Rey, Sarah Skinner, Tanna Valentine and special guests Peter Juris and The Sirens.

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