Friday, October 7, 2011

Lafayette Gilchrist @ The Stone 10/2/11

I have been trying to see Lafayette again for a long time.  I may not have ever seen him.  If I did, I can't remember when.  I just know I've had a desire to see him for a very long time.  Given how fabulous the music was, I can understand that desire.  It was great.  3 amazingly fantastic improvisers improvising.  I felt like a sardine in my spot in the front row between 2 big men.  That was a blessing for me because it got me up and over to the side where I could dance.

I wanted to stay for the next set, but I needed to get home.

Lafayette Gilchrist
Lafayette Gilchrist (piano) Michael Formanek (double bass) Andrew Cyrille (drums)

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