Saturday, May 18, 2013

Magolia Beacon @ Hi /Ho Lounge NOLA 5/1/13

I was feeling a desire to change it up this year at Jazzfest.  I knew I'd end up at Megalomaniacs Ball, but wanted to try something else first.  I saw Helen Gillet was listed on the jazzfest grids, but when I got up to Allways Lounge, I found out something had changed since then.  I ended up across the street at Hi Ho Lounge for people I didn't know anything about. 

I only stayed for the first band, Magnolia Beacon.  I enjoyed it.  It was a string quartet with singing and everything.  They sounded good.

I could quickly tell that the next band's style wasn't going to be for me, so I made my way over to Howlin Wolf.

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