Sunday, April 21, 2013

Kong Nay, Ben Allison, Marc Ribot, Rudy Royston @ Asia Museum 4/19/13

It was a wonderful event.  It was about an hour in total.  The first 1/2 was a Kong Nay solo.  It was wonderful.  He plays a Chapei Dong Veng.  Something like a guitar and it sounds awesome.  Here's some youtube stuff.  His voice is great, too.  He sings about everything things.  He does one giving to thanks to spiritual leaders.  Then one praising Mothers.  Then one about a bird. It very beautiful.

Then we got jazz trio improvised piece which was awesome.  I presume it was to give Kong Nay a little break.  We all loved it.  Then Kong Nay came back out. I believe the trio was still improvising, but having Kong Nay take the lead.  They did 3 first about how great music is.  Then they took a bow and then did an encore called "Dance for a Soulmate". 

The one thing was beautiful and wonderful.'

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