Sunday, May 19, 2013

Jazzfest 5/2/13

I had sketchy notes and not much memory.  Are you sitting down?  It looks like I'm ready for a Jazzfest hiatus.  Last year, I just started feeling like it was getting old.  This was my 12th year.  I went for the entire thing for the 1st 5 years.  My tastes have changed and some things about jazzfest got old and stale for me.  I noticed this is certainly not the case for all.  I see the usual thrilled faces on the regulars.  Jazzfest really is amazing and you should go check it out for yourself.  I remember my first fest, I had a brass pass.  That means I had access to the radio station WWOZ's tent.  I meant a man from Tuscaloosa, AL.  He kept commenting on my glow.  He said there's nothing like your first fest.  It had been 2002 and he'd been coming since 1987. 

Of course, I still had a good time.  I just decided to sell my tickets for Sat and Sun, even though the weather was going to be better.  I just wanted to have fun in NOLA on those days and just wasn't feeling the fest.  

The 2 days I did go, there was some rain.  It wasn't a big deal.  It was really weird how cool it was for this time of year.  I had the right attire, and I don't really remember that much about it.  Oh, now I remember at first it was somewhat cold and rainy, but there was good music in the jazz tent and room to sit. I was happy.

I had a great poncho.  I went to the organ woodshed in the jazz tent.  It was great, especially the beg and end.
Woodshed: Hammond B3 (Jazz)
Two experienced organ players, Kyle Roussel and Joe Ashlar, will give the audience a course on the Hammond B3 organs.
They will perform in a variety of genres, including funk, gospel, and jazz.
Then, Kidd Jordan was up in the jazz tent. That was as great as always.  He informed us that they are true improvisers.  He talked about John Coltrane a little.  He had some very interesting things to say about his approach, but I can't remember them.  Lucky for me, captured it for us.
I was very happy to be there and very happy with the set.
Kidd Jordan, sax
William Parker, bass
Alvin Fielder, drums
Joel Futterman, piano
Maynard Chatters Jr, piano

I went to a little of Henry Butler.  Fabulous.  I love Henry.

I saw Gravy before leaving at Lagniappe.  I liked them.  It was nice to find something new.
Infusing musical aspects from all walks of life, Gravy’s brand of progressive funk rock has garnered a solid fan base, firmly cementing the band as a fixture in the New Orleans music scene. Touring consistently since their inception, Gravy has established itself as one of the Southeast’s rising acts.

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