Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Midnight Disturbers @ Howlin Wolf NOLA 5/1/13

This was great, but I was still elated from GAT and actually didn't need it.  I wasn't there when this was created.  My memory is that Stanton Moore and 1 or 2 other horn leaders were hanging out one day and came up with the idea to create a brass band full of stellar leaders.  Making that work is impressive given how in demand they all are.  They made up shirts with the name of a great that plays their instrument.  Very awesome concept.  And, of course the music is amazing.  Very intense very alive and beyond great.  It's of course very rare to even be able to see it.  In the past, the Megalomaniacs Ball culminated with GAT.  It's nice how they keep doing things to keep the Ball different.

It was a great show, but I was tired and so satisfied after GAT.  I don't think I stayed that long, but I enjoyed it.

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