Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wimbish @ Blue Nile Balcony Room NOLA 5/4/13

That was a fun show.  It's also a lot of fun to bounce back and forth between 2 shows.  Everyone was excited for when Vernon Reid would come on a play a few.  It got me thrilled that I'm spoiled that I have so many more opportunities to see him in my own hood.  I've seen the Wimbish the show at least 3 times over the years.  It still feels fresh.  I did get to the see the entire part with Vernon and enjoyed it a lot.

Khris Royal - Wimbash Ft. Dark Matter And Doug Wimbish, W Ill Calhoun, Vernon Reid And More

Khris Royal & Dark Matter with Doug Wimbish & Corey Glover

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