Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Under_Line Benefit @ Angel Orsanz 12/4/12

Arts for Art is continuing to build momentum to get a new downtown venue for downtown jazz.  This was the kickoff for fundraising.  A lot of great musicians came together for the cause.  The music was stellar.  It was somewhat disappointing there was always a lot of talking in the background.  There were plenty of listeners, but you could definitely hear a crowd of talkers as well.  Come to think of it, that happened at Tonic sometimes, too.  It was also disappointing there wasn't a bigger turnout.  There were many heavy hitters on stage.  I thought it would sell out.

I got there at the very end of a violin and something else duo.  What I heard was nice.  I loved that violin.

Next was Milford Graves on drums, Joe Lovano on sax and somebody great that I can't remember. I do remember it was awesome.

After that was one of those amazing ensembles I couldn't possibly imagine.  Christian McBride and William Parker on bass, Cooper-Moore on drums, Charles Gayle on tenor, Hamiet Bluiett on baritone and Jason Kao Hwang on violin.  It was amazing.

Then there was a lone dancer, Yoshiko Chuma, with no music.  I have to admit I was somewhat annoyed that there was so much talking during the music and then there was silence for the dancer.  I took a break and got some fresh air,

Next was a great set with Marshall Allen, Milford Graves and Wlliam Parker.  Very special.

After that was Billy Martin on drums, Joe Lovano on sax, William Parker on bass and Judi Silvano on voice.  It was awesome and enouigh for me.

I left fully satiated and happy about the prospects of a new downtown music venue.

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