Sunday, December 9, 2012

Comedies For The Young w/ Charlie Hunter & Nels Cline @ The Stone 12/2/12

Just look at the lineup and you already know how phenomenal it was.  I was captivated by Mathias, the only one I wasn't previously familiar with.  He had lots and lots of stuff at his percussion setup and he played all of it.  I just did another amazing workshop with Ariel & Shya Kane and I would say he was very present to know exactly what to play and when and what to do with it.  There was no thinking involved, just being.  Charlie was inspired to put his guitar down a couple of times and play one of Mathias's instruments;  a cowbell with stick one time and the bass drum another.

Scott had a drumkit, some percussion things, and some electronic boxes and he was awesome.  He played thumb piano for a bit.  Nels had his guitar and electronics and was always great.

It was all improvised, intense, and amazing.

Comedies For The Young Mathias Bossi (percussion, voice) Scott Amendola (drums, electronics, percussion) Special Guests Nels Cline (guitar, stuff) Charlie Hunter (7-string guitar)

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