Sunday, December 23, 2012

MMW + Ribot set 1 @ Blue Note 12/13/12

Ribot!  As much as I absolutely loved the night before with Nels Cline, I loved this 10 times more.  I didn't know that was possible until I saw the 1st set.  The set seems like it may have been similar to the night before, as an idea, but then with Ribot they went in all kinds of different directions. 

Chris has a way of making the bass sound like a theremin.  He uses a stick, perhaps a drumstick, held vertically behind the strings at the base and the bow in the same area of the strings.  It sounds great.

Billy had all the stuff he had the previous night:  the aquasonic without water, basic drumkit, table gongs, those shaky things I still haven't found out the name for (not a shakere), a tambourine and this night he also had some kind of tribal whistle.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something.

John had most or all of his various keyboards.  He sounded great.

It was phenomenal.

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