Sunday, December 23, 2012

Erik Deutch, Allison Miller and Rene Hart @ The Stone 12/11/12

It was an amazing trio.  Erik played the piano, which was awesome.  I usually see him on an electronic keyboard.  He said he's been sitting in with Honey Ear Trio sometimes.

It was all improvised and awesome.  They each started one piece, so it was 3 long pieces over the course of about an hour.  I had the best seat in the house, I could see each of them play everything.

Rene had a little sampling box strapped to his bass.  He made things very interesting.  Allison mainly played the kit in the phenomenal ways that she does.  She also pulled some interesting metal rectangles out and put them on her scarf on a drum and played them in conjunction with a cool bell.  Erik played the piano brilliantly, sometimes as a hyperpiano.

I loved it and was glad to be there.

Erik Deutsch/Rene Hart/Allison Miller Erik Deutsch (piano, keys) Allison Miller (drums) Special Guest Rene Hart (bass) Pianist Erik Deutsch and Drummer Allison Miller have been collaborating together in NYC for the past 7 years—criss-crossing genres, traveling, recording, and generally causing as much of a stir as possible. These two like-minded musicians have a lot more history than that (both hail from the Washington D.C. area and attended the same summer jazz camp as teenagers). Together they've performed and recorded with Erin Mckeown, Ben Allison, Jenny Scheinman, Ellery Eskelin, Marty Erlich, Ron Miles, Trevor Dunn, Todd Sickafoose, and Jessica Lurie. Expect original compositions by Erik, Allison, and Rene along with improvisations and other things.

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