Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ms. Piano and Company @ The Stone 10/20/12

The listing said it was not to be missed and I like an opportunity to see people I never saw before.  It was awesome.  They never played together before so they were really improvising.  They were all magnificent.  The piano was very compelling.  The drummer was incredible.  During the last piece he got up from his drum stool and walked around playing the kit from the front, including the sides of drums, drum stands, and the floor.  He was very interesting with the mallots as well.  The upright bass was always played with the bow and sounded great.

Ms. Piano and Company Simone Weissenfels (piano) Juini Booth (bass) Dalius Naujo (drums) A rare New York appearance for Ms. Weissenfels with a trio playing together for the first time ever, representing the nativities of Germany, Lithuania and the U.S.The three of them together cause for a rare occurance, like the transit of a comet! Not to be missed! FIFTEEN DOLLARS

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