Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brooklyn Blues @ Blue Note 10/20/12

I have to go off of memory almost a month later, but I do have a fond memory of this show. This was Whyllys, the turntablist's gig.  I recall when I first discovered DJ Logic, playing with many bands I love and not liking it.  It sometimes takes me a while to get with the program, but I eventually found I appreciate some good electronics/sampling/etc mixed in with good other stuff.  This show was great.  Scott was in the back, leaning on a barstool or amp or something and still the great guitarist that he is.  Peter was in front of him mainly with the sax, but sometimes I think he had a shakere with him (it could be a memory from another show, though).  Rob had the piano and other keyboards and was nice and trippy and fit in well.  It was just some really good jamming and worth staying up for.

Brooklyn Blues FEATURING:
Peter Apfelbaum, sax
Scott Metzger, guitar
Rob Marscher, keys,
Wyllys, turntables
Wyllys started spinning at age 15 and hasn't looked back since. Training himself with drum and bass on belt drives in 1997, he has since moved on to many genres of music, playing coast to coast as well as international and festival dates. He has shared the stage with contemporary luminaries Orchard Lounge, Justin Martin, Gigamesh, and The Magician, as well as many talented bands and musicians from many genres of music including Umphrey's McGee, Trey Anastasio Band, The Greyboy Allstars, Jurassic 5, Soulive, and many more.

His live outfit, The New York Hustler Ensemble, featuring a revolving cast of top-notch musicians, is an experiment in nu disco, raregroove, and re-edit, with many nods to house music . The heart and soul of "The Hustler Sound" is his horn section and vocalists "The Disco Angels", Jennifer Hartswick and Natalie Cressman. Logging in hours at New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Music Festival, as well as the illustrious Blue Note Jazz Club, this band is ready to take DJ culture to the next level .
A number of New York-are musicians will collaborate as New York’s Blue Note late Saturday night. Billed as Brooklyn Blues, the evening will bring together former Trey Anastasio Band saxophonist Peter Apfelbaum, Wolf!/RANA guitarist Scott Metzger, Matisyahu/Addison Groove Project keyboardist Rob Marscher and turntablist Wyllys. The collaboration is billed as the start of a new project, not a one-off jam session. Brooklyn Blues will take the stage at 12:30 AM (technically Sunday morning) as part of the club’s Late Night Groove series.

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