Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dave Liebman Quintet @ Cornelia St 11/24/12

I got there right as they started and got a good dancing spot where I could see everything.  The music was excellent.  Sam wasn't on stage until the 2nd half of the set.  He played soprano the whole time.  Ellery and Dave were on stage the whole time.  I love Jim Black and he was as phenomenal as always.  I didn't know of the bass player before - he was great.

It was a wonderful set.  They cleared the room as they had 40 reservations for the 2nd set. I opted to go to a different show even though I could have easily stayed there for more.

David Liebman, soprano saxophone; 
Sam Newsome, soprano saxophone; 
Ellery Eskelin, tenor sax; 
Chris Tordini, bass; 
Jim Black, drums 

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