Thursday, November 29, 2012

Gerald Clayton Duos @ Jazz Gallery 11/24/12

I had to get some shows in before they move to Midtown.  I'm gonna miss that spot.

It was a great show.  He first did a piece with Chris Dingman on vibes.  Next he had Gretchen Parlotto come up and sing - that was quite mellow.  Then he had Justin Brown come up on drums, probably my favorite piece of the set.  After that he was joined by Dayna Stephens on sax.  Then he started circling around again.  First a piece with the vibes and then one with Gretchen.  For the final piece, he invited sax, drums and Raymond Hall on bass.  It was awesome.

Gerald Clayton - piano
Dayna Stephens - saxophone
Chris Dingman - vibraphone
Justin Brown - drums
Plus Special Guests

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