Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thelonious Monk

Would have turned 90 last week. There were lots of tributes. I made it to the marathon at the Winter Garden in WFC for a good portion of it. They had several great pianists play for 15 minutes each. See the listing and description below. They plan on doing this every year for the next 10 years. I really enjoyed it. I was there from about 6:15-9:30. I saw Cedar Walton and Randy Weston and a whole lot more. It was a beautiful evening. I started wondering more about Monk, so I did some googling:
Wednesday, October 10
Winter Garden
Characterized by his unique improvisational style and elaborate compositions, Thelonious Monk is regarded as one of the most prolific innovators of the jazz idiom and one of the founders of bebop. This mini-marathon brings several illustrious master pianists, including Geri Allen, Cedar Walton, Frank Kimbrough, Luis Perdomo, Rodney Kendrick, Helio Alves, Aaron Goldberg, Dan Tepfer, Juan Jose Chuquisengo, Aaron Diehl, Ran Jia, Joel Fan, Martha Manchena, Deidre Rodman, Erno Feher, Joanne Brackeen, Alon Yavnai to pay tribute to the man that penned such classics as ‘Round Midnight’ and ‘Monk’s Mood.’

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