Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sat 10/13/07

I had trouble getting motivated after my nap, so I waited for late night to get out again. I went down to the Mercury Lounge for the Charlie Hunter Trio. I enjoyed it for about an hour and then got tired of it. I really didn't like the vibe there. I think it was due to being so crowded.

I really want him to get a bass player. I know all the guitar players think it's great to watch him play the 8-string both the guitar and the bass lines. I think he could do a lot more with a bass player, or even use the keyboard for the bass line. I first got this idea when I saw Liberty Ellman Trio, which included Derek Phillips, at 55 Bar. Derek commented they were playing Charlie's cd. The bass player immediately said "he needs a bass player". Derek explained Charlie's thing is to play the bass with the 8-string.

I really love Simon Lott. That was part of what kept me there, and it did get quite funky at times. Erik Deutch was too loud and it was becoming annoying for a lot of people.

I decided to bail for Bowery Poetry Club, even though I heard it was very likely that John Mayer would show up. I had just had enough and wanted to really get down. I was also curious what it was like over there. I got there in time for the Sam Kinninger Band. The only problem was that Sam didn't make it. No one knows where he was, but it was unusual for him to miss a gig. I did still enjoy the set, even though you could tell something was missing. I stuck around for the 1st song of the jam, around 3am, but then ran out of wind, so I decided to call it a night.

Fri was definitely the great night of the weekend. I do think I should go up to Jazz Standard and catch some Ben Allison to end the weekend. Hopefully I'll make it.

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