Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sat 10/20/07

I went to a play my friend is in for the matinee, Scarcity at The Atlantic Theater. I think that was the last weekend for it. It was pretty good. There was some really nice music before each scene. I see from the Playbill it was composed by Jason Mills, who also performs with a 5-piece Afro-Brazilian soul band Beetroot. I'm going to have to check them out sometime.

Because of the play, I was late getting my nap. I didn't wake up in time to make it to Charlie Burnham's set at The Stone. Oh well. I did make it to Calvin Weston's and it was wonderful.

G Calvin Weston and the Nassira Project
G Calvin Weston (drums, trumpet, vocals) Tom Spiker (guitar, bass) Brian Marsala (keyboards)

Brian Marsala had lots of different percussion and keyboard instruments including some kind of middle eastern type thing that sounded amazing. He also played a little fisher price electronic keyboard. These guys know how to improvise. It seemed to have a little more structure than Mad Cow. It got grooving at times. Kind of reminded me of Burnt Sugar, but with a little less structure.

Then I went up to Jazz Standard for the late set of Omar Sosa. That was excellent. A very nice way to end that evening. The bass player was great. It was also nice to have so much percussion coming out of 3 guys. Nice latin influence in there. I bought a couple of cds I'll have to lislten to tomorrow after I listen to Marco's.

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