Monday, February 11, 2013

Jeremy Udden's Band @ Shapeshifter 2/6/13

I chose this show because Kenny Wollesen and Brandon Seabrook were listed.  They weren't there, but we got Vinnie Sperazza on drums with brushes and that was fine with me.  For the 1st couple he played with one hand and was still quite powerful.  He played with both hands and always the brushes for the rest of the set.  It was more intense than the previous set but not super intense.

Instead of Brandon, there was a 2nd horn, a trumpet.  Jeremy Udden played alto sax and I presume it was Jeremy Stratton on bass.  It was nice having 2 horns and it sounded great.  All or most of the pieces were composed by the 2 horns.

It was also nice to see 4 people I never saw before.  I like expanding.

Note:  this is the listing, but the personnel were different:
Jeremy Udden's band: Kenny Wollesen, Brandon Seabrook, and Jeremy Stratton releasing a new album "Folk Art"

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