Sunday, February 24, 2013

Henry Butler @ The Stone 2/20/13

Henry drew my attention to Don Pullen, who I hadn't heard of previously.  He mentioned he played in the same show as Don at Prospect Park once.  Apparently, he was inspired to do a solo project with his music.  I liked what I heard and what I read subsequently.  Henry also did one of his pieces for Mardi Gras.  It was all instrumental and all awesome.
Mr. Pullen was one of the most percussive pianists in jazz. His improvisations brimmed with splashed clusters, hammered notes and large two-handed chords. His solos often started out traditionally, with single note lines articulating a composition's harmony, then grew richer with bright explosions of tones. Mr. Pullen used the backs of his hands, or occasionally an elbow; he managed to take techniques from the modern European classical repertory and use them in his music without ever losing a jazz sensibility. Mr. Pullen's importance lies in part in his ability to synthesize so many different forms of expression.

Henry Butler—The Ghost Of Don Pullen Henry Butler (piano)

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