Monday, February 18, 2013

Jack DeJohnette Trio with Ravi Coltrane & Matt Garrison @ Shapeshifter 2/16/13

John Coltrane tunes.  This night at Shapeshifter they played originals and stretched out some improv at times and ended with one John Coltrane piece.  It was fantastic.  I only went to the first set, but I'm sure the 2nd was phenomenal as well.  They were filming and recording, so hopefully something will show up at some point.

The Listing:
This gathering of musicians will be the celebration of an original event curated by Jack DeJohnette nearly 20 years ago. Jack brought Ravi and Matthew together for the first time to play the music of John Coltrane and the performance took place at The Brooklyn Museum.20 years on, the idea is reborn and will be presented at ShapeShifter Lab, a new venue owned and operated by Matthew Garrison and his business partner Fortuna Sung. Jack, Ravi and Matthew will explore open improvisation territory as well as their own compositions. Power, elegance, and wide open creativity are words that come to mind when defining this presentation.

This is a gathering of artists that has historical significance and more importantly a deep personal meaning to the three musicians whose lives and families have been intertwined for as long as they can remember.

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