Monday, February 11, 2013

André Matos 4tet @ Shapeshifter 2/6/13

For my first show after Costa Rica I head out to Brooklyn.  It's quite easy to get there.  I was happy to see when I arrived at 8:10 that the 1st band had just come on.  They were listed as 7pm and I expected to miss it.  I wanted to go for Jacob Sacks and they were all great.  The music was mellow and very engaging.  The guitar was the leader and he was great.  I especially liked the tune entitled "The Hand".  I got the impression that and "Wild Horses" were originals.  They also did a piece by a Brazilian composer and one by a guitar master from Portugal.  For that last Portugese piece,
André invited his friend and tenor sax player from Barcelona to sit in.  So, the music had a Latin flair.
André Matos 4tet featuring
André Matos (guitar)
Jacob Sacks (piano)
Eivid Opsvik (bass)
Billy Mintz (drums)

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