Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ron Carter's Really Big Band @ Jazz Standard 9/2/12

It was a really big band, I counted 17 pieces.  Ron was the bass player and it was impressive that there was no conductor.  I think everyone took a solo with the soprano sax taking a few.  Ron's solo piece had a piano accompaniment.  I heard a lot of "You Are My Sunshine" throughout the piece.  Later he told us it's his commentary on the Republican Medicare ideas.  Makes sense that he used that song as part of it.  Here's the story.

It was an awesome set.  They did a lot of reinterpretations of great music.  They got funky at times.  I loved the ballads and everything in between.  All the horns were awesome.  I really loved the guitar and piano.  Kenny Washington was phenomenal on the drumkit.

Ron Carter Big Band

Throughout his illustrious career, bassist/composer Ron Carter has played it all: as an integral member of Miles Davis’ classic quintet of the Sixties, as the anchor for countless CTI Records sessions in the Seventies, as the fountainhead of multifarious musical projects including his cello–infused, chamber–jazz nonet and his trio of bass, piano, and guitar. But Carter had never led or recorded with a big band of his own – until 2011 and the release of Ron Carter’s Great Big Band, a delightfully swinging set featuring the talents of arranger Bob Freedman. (Freedman had written arrangements for past Carter recordings including Dear Miles, The Golden Striker, and When Skies Are Grey.) “The album’s spirit is a collage of old fashioned big band fun, bop revolt intellect, and a devil-may-care manner of choosing the material,” wrote John Garrett at The Ron Carter Big Band made its live debut on our stage in September 2011 to a rapturous response – and we’re proud and pleased to bring this great band back for a second thrilling run. Make your reservations now!

Greg Gisbert, Jon Owens, Alex Norris, Frank Greene
Jerry Dodgion, Jay Brandford, David deJesus, Bobby LaVell, Ivan Renta
James Burton, Steve Davis, Douglas Purviance, Jason Jackson

Donald Vega - piano
Russell Malone -guitar
Kenny Washington - drums

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