Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mrs. Adam Schatz @ LPR 9/7/12

This is Adam's solo project.  It was a good opener for Elysian Fields.  I got there at around 7:45ish and Adam was playing the piano and singing.  They had a round stage set up in the middle of the room.  I heard about this setup but hadn't experienced it until now.  I was happy everything was set up so I could walk around the room and survey where I wanted to sit.  I found a prime spot up front which would be facing the front of the stage when Elysian Fields came on.  I had a side view of Adam and could see what he was doing.  I enjoyed it.  Singer songwriter isn't often my thing, but Adam keeps it interesting.  He had a lot of equipment with him - electronics for sampling, a keyboard, a drum machine, that fancy box contraption I see him with in Fatther Figures and my fav, his sax.  I'm always impressed at what a good manager he is.  He actually got the crowd to sing backup for 2 different songs.  One didn't have lyrics, just a musical phrase.  He passed out lyrics cards for the other one.  The lyrics were "always".  How can you not sing when someone goes through the trouble?  It was a fun set that ended at around 8:30.

Mrs. Adam Schatz
Mrs. Adam Schatz is his solo affair, saxophone voice and keyboard loops and improvisations into songs and sing-alongs.

Some of Adam's other projects are: Landlady, Father Figures, Blast Off!!, Zongo Junction, The Shoe Ins

He has worked on keys / horns with: Hospitality, Sleigh Bells, Those Darlins, Will Sheff, Twin Shadow, Little Joy, Adam Green, Freelance Whales

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