Saturday, September 1, 2012

James Blood Ulmer @ City Winery 8/24/12

I always like this band that includes Vernon Reid.  Mazz Swift was on violin.  The harmonica was awesome.  I loved the piano.  The bass and drums fit in well.  It was one long set of music, about 1.5 hours or so.  That's the nice thing about City Winery, they don't have the 1 hour 1 set shows.

They did a lot of covers of great blues songs.  I thought they made excellent choices.  I recognized a couple from the Allman Brothers and a few more more from the Blues world.


James Blood Ulmer is among the most distinctive and influential electric guitarists to emerge in the past four decades. Over time, Blood’s reputation has morphed from that of an avant–garde jazz visionary out of the Ornette Coleman school to elder statesman of the African–American musical vernacular encom¬passing jazz, blues, funk, and whatever lies beyond

James Blood Ulmer - guitar, vocals
Vernon Reid - guitar
Mazz Swift - violin
Leon Gruenbaum - keyboards
David Barnes - harmonica
Mark Peterson - bass
Aubrey Dayle - drums

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