Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spectrum Road @ BBs 6/29/12

It was as phenomenal as I expected.  I do wish it was at a rock venue, or that BBs would have given us a dance floor.  The music certainly called for a rock venue.  Come back to Bowery Ballroom!  Come back regardless!  I already want to see it again.

I did find a dancing spot back by the bar and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This is one super supergroup.  I still have to get the CD but I hear it's phenomenal.

Cindy is a monster drummer - my kind of drummer.  I love seeing her.  The whole band blew me away.  The music was inspired by Tony Williams and I need to find out who that is.  Vernon Reid is the band leader.  I want more.





Spectrum Road is: Vernon Reid, Jack Bruce, Cindy Blackman and John Medeski

From his stunning debut with Miles Davis at 17, through his pioneering work with John McLaughlin, Larry Young, Allan Holdsworth and others, Tony Williams is often hailed as the greatest drummer who ever lived. Undoubtedly, the Tony Williams Lifetime, across a half-dozen albums from 1969-1976, helped chart the course of the fusion era. His subsequent emergence as a major composer, with a series of releases for Blue Note in the mid ‘80s, cemented Tony’s unique place in the jazz pantheon. With devoted Williams protégé Cindy Blackman at the drum chair, Spectrum Road is named for one of the incendiary tracks on the original Lifetime album — but this isn’t just a tribute band! 

After making rock history with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker in Cream, legendary British bassist Jack Bruce joined the Lifetime for two records and now anchors Spectrum Road. The group is artfully rounded out with famed funk-metal guitarist Vernon Reid, of Living Colour, and multi-keyboardist John Medeski, one-third of the jam band juggernaut Medeski, Martin & Wood. Made famous by her 10+ years backing Lenny Kravitz, Blackman has distinguished herself as an impressively versatile player who’s as comfortable on post-bop sessions with Joe Henderson and Wallace Roney as she is touring with pop stars like Kravitz and husband Carlos Santana. The formidable lineup of Spectrum Road assures the legacy of Tony Williams lives on, and clearly qualifies as a major 2012 music event.
This all-star band emerged from a discussion between Vernon Reid and Jack Bruce when Vernon was touring and recording with Jack around 2003. They bonded over how much they admired the groundbreaking music of Tony William’s Lifetime, in particular the first and second editions of that seminal band, particularly the second edition, in which Jack participated with Larry Young and John McLaughlin and recorded the classic album Turn It Over in 1970. Vernon suggested using John Medeski on keyboards and Tony Williams acolyte Cindy Blackman on drums. This band premiered in December 2008 at the Blue Note in Tokyo. The 2011 shows were the first time the band has played in the United States. Spectrum Road has just finished recording an album which will released in the Spring of 2012 on Palmetto Records.

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