Friday, July 13, 2012

MTO @ The Stone 6/25/12

Yay, it worked out that I could go!  If Ariel & Shya Kane are in town, I choose Monday Night Alive over almost all music, which is why this is the only night of the residency I made it to.

I was the first one there at around 7 and they were already rehearsing.  The rehearsal was a score for a Laurel & Hardy film.  Steven would include what was happening in the film in his instructions.  It was fun to see what he had the band sound like in various situations and to listen to the instructions.  Since I'm not a musician, I love these opportunities to be at a rehearsal.  I flashed back to my High School days, when we girls would hang out in the garage with the guys while they jammed.

I loved some of the stuff Marty Erlich was doing in the rehearsal.  It was so cool to have him there.  Usually, it's the phenomenal Doug Weiselman on clarinet, but it was an extra special nice treat to have Marty.  They's both phenomenal AND different from each other.

Tony Mason was on drums and it seemed he and Steven were just getting to know each other.  He had another gig, so right before the rehearsal ended he left.  They had about 4 minutes left of the score, so they finished it up without him.  Right after they ended, Derik Diggins showed up to be the drummer for the performance.  Everyone loved how the drummers essentially overlapped and saw each other in passing coming and going.  It appeared this was the first time any of them played with Derek, and they seemed to get along very well.  Ben Perowsky is often the regular drummer for MTO.

After about 1/2 hour setbreak we got blown away by the performance.  They played mainly newer music, which included some Sly.  I finally bought the MTO Plays Sly CD and it's awesome!

Matt Munisteri wasn't there to sing, but we did have Will Bernard on guitar.  For the song Matt would have sung, they played part of it first anyway and it was spectacular.  I knew I was in the right place.

Erik Lawrence played baritone sax and was his usual greatness.

Charlie Burnham was there making me very happy.  During the rehearsal portion, it was striking how much he fit in with the horn section.

Special guest Art Baron was on trombone.  Usually it's Curtis Fawlkes.  I liked when Art was using the mute.  He had some good solos.

Ben Allison brought it on the bass.  I was happy to see him.

Steven didn't play at all during rehearsal.  I presume he can't because he needs to conduct everything.  There's a lot going on there.  He played a lot in the performance and I loved it!  Lots of slide AND regular trumpet and he is da man!

Derek was awesome.  Steven needed someone last minute and he called Kirk Knuffke who got Derek for him.  Lucky us.

6/25 Monday (MJ)
7:30—Open Rehearsal

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