Friday, January 13, 2012

The Young Philadelphians w/ Strings @ LPR 1/5/12

It was 1.5 hours of sheer joy.  They were unbelievably good.  I don't think I've seen them before.  They played a few with the regular band:  Ribot, Weston, Nix, Coleman, and Jamaladeen Tacuma.  Apparently, the 3 Philadelphians, Weston, Nix, and Tacoma all used to play with Ornette Coleman.

Then they brought out the string section.  I had a thought it was going to get mellower.  Instead, it got more intense and funkier.  They did a lot of old familiar covers.  It was awesome!  It was sometimes hard to hear the strings, but sometimes they added something.

The listing:

Marc Ribot's Young Philadelphians
where deco meets disco meets decon

Jamaladeen Tacuma, G. Calvin Weston, Bern Nix, Anthony Coleman, Marc Ribot: 5 professional, harmolodic noise improvisers with an uncommon love of Philly soul and hard groove. Forever young, forever Philadelphian, forever fixated on the moment before dance went digital. Stuck in the groove like a scratch in your favorite record. Ladies and Gentlemen…the hardest working men in punk/funk/soul/noise: The Young Philadelphians!!!

The Young Philadelphians pays tribute to twin legacies: The mind-blowing harmolodic punk-funk of Ornette Coleman's first Prime Time band and the sweet, optimistic pulse of 1970s Philly Soul. Ribot enlists bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma and drummer G. Calvin Weston, both Prime Time alumni and Philadelphia natives, adding guitarist Bern Nix also of Prime Time and keyboardist Anthony Coleman to do the job. And the name? "Ever see that movie with Paul Newman?" Ribot asks. "It's about these rich young lawyers from Philly. We had a good laugh about that. You should hear our version of 'Fly Robin Fly.'"

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