Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gov't Mule @ The Beacon 12/31/11

It was a great show.  I must admit I enjoyed the night before a little more.  I don't know the Joe Cocker album, but I just looked it up now.  I know I wasn't crazy about Nigel Hall being up there.  The horns had their moments, but I wish Warren would find some others, they are somewhat weak in my opinion.  There's got to be better options in this city.  Matt came off the kit at one point to sing.  The 3rd set was very short.  The Beacon has become full of tight rules and isn't that great anymore.  They were giving people a hard time if they were in a different seat from their ticket stub - even if they were in the same row as their stub.  It seemed very overboard and unnecessary.

Set 1
Railroad Boy >
Thorazine Shuffle
Brighter Days >
Like Flies
Lay Your Burden Down
About To Rage
Slackjaw Jezebel
King's Highway >
St. Stephen Jam >
Eternity's Breath >
Trane with Norwegian Wood Tease

Set 2 Mad Mules & Englishmen with The Assets (Machan Taylor, Mini Carlsson & Alicia Shakur) & Chronic Horns (Buford O'Sullivan, Pam Fleming & Jenny Hill)
Intro >
Honky Tonk Women
Sticks & Stones
Cry Me A River
Bird On A Wire
New Years Countdown
Feelin' Alright
Intro >
Let's Go Get Stoned
Blue Medley: I'll Drown in My Own Tears/When Something Is Wrong with My Baby/I've Been Loving You Too Long
Girl From The North Country
Give Peace A Chance
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
Space Captain
The Letter
Delta Lady

Set 3
Sco-Mule with Oz Noy
I Believe To My Soul with Nigel Hall
Soulshine with Nigel Hall, Alicia Shakur & Ron Johnson, without Jorgen Carlsson

I Shall Be Released with The Assets, Nigel Hall, Ron Johnson & Oz Noy

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