Thursday, August 23, 2012

Skerik/Hunter/Dillon @ Brooklyn Bowl 8/20/12

OK?  You already know it was fabulous.  Seeing any of them in any project is always awesome.  It was so great to see Charlie with them again.  It looks like I'm dancing again.  I felt the affects of the surgery from 7 weeks ago, but the music took over me and I knew I wasn't causing harm to myself.  Soon, the old saying i my circles "nothing hurts when you're dancing" took over.

The show was just awesome.  They did some fun covers, some GAT, and other stuff.  It was about 2 hours and 15 minutes or so.  Carly Meyers came up to play trombone for the last 30-40 minutes and was awesome.  Nikki Gillespe took over the drumkit for the last 15-20 min which was so great.  Mike played other drums and the marimba and sometimes the same kit with Nikki. 

The marimba was over by Skerik and he and Mike did something together with Mike on vibes.  I was hoping they would all do the percussion thing like they used to with Charlie playing the tambourine like a drum, but it didn't happen.  Whatever they did do was still great.  I really hope this trio happens again and that I can go.

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